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Hellooo I’m Belle and I’m one of a million Australians studying at San Francisco State University and we are all so sad we are already half way through our time here. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this city is. Think naked men walking down the street in nothing but shoes and a ‘modesty sock’, hula-hooping galore and random performances in the middle of the uni grounds by slightly unhinged individuals. It is literally fun americanised – aka supersized. Being in San Francisco is such a perfect way to see California en large. We’ve already done road trips to Lake Tahoe and the Napa Valley for the weekend and now we are on a Cali Spring Break tour. We drove along Highway 1 to LA, some of us in convertibles, where we stayed 3 nights in Venice Beach. Next stop was the desert in Arizona where we spent 3 nights in Lake Havasu. We climbed on top of old abandoned trains and went doughnutting on the lake, all while rallying between drunk and hungover states. I am writing this from a hotel bed in the Grand Canyon which is too incredible to even capture in a photo. We are leaving in the morning for two nights at pool parties in Vegas. The Australian accent is really going down a treat. I’m travelling in a convoy of around 15 international students so we sure draw a lot of attention. If I have one piece of advice in the whole exchange process it is to just do it. Go wherever you get allocated, be scared and do it anyway. The standard at the University is ridiculously low so you are really here to have fun. Enjoy!Image

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