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Hong Kong 2014

As I near my final exams and the end of my exchange, I’m finding it difficult to sum up my experience in Hong Kong in just a few words. What I will say is that Hong Kong is the ultimate city for the young: Skybars, clubbing districts and designer brands are its’ specialties. If you’re not one for the glamour, you’ll find amazingly cheap food from all around the Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong has a large migrant population and so their Indian cuisine is amazing, not to mention many places also do half price Midnight Sushi if you’re one for Japanese.
HK may be a crowded city, but if you’re one for the outdoors like me, it also has much to offer. The New Territories boast sprawling mountains to hike and bicycles are very cheap to rent, you can also make a day trip to one of HK’s beaches for surfing. Needless to say, living in Hong Kong is never dull.

Hong Kong is the ultimate place to study if you want to base your career in the Asia Pacific Region as I do, I studied Asian and International Studies and my professors were South Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino and even French…their experiences and advice were invaluable and really enriched my knowledge of the region. I love to travel and Hong Kong is central to Asia, which means cheap flights – I have just returned from a trip to Vietnam and Singapore and am also travelling to Mainland China. What I loved about CityU was the lengths they went to to promote healthy living, including subsidised healthy food, bottled water and free gym services right next to my hall.

Hong Kong is an astoundingly efficient, lively and safe city and my exchange experience here was so enriching I am considering moving over after I complete my studies. Hong Kongers are wonderful to live amongst and HK CityU boasts passionate professors, critical and in-depth subjects and a very central campus to all the places that make Hong Kong so magnificent. 1904094_10200911404222041_604824939_n


Evie Kennedy

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