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It’s been almost three months since I stepped down into the crisp Danish air and it’s been amazing, we’ve been picked up in its wild winds. There are bikes everywhere, there are bodies of water everywhere and the danish give meaning to the saying ‘Scandi candy’. The coffee is weirdly expensive and the beer is weirdly cheap so that balances out quite nicely.

We’ve celebrated Fastelavn dressed as cats and boogied to insane jazz music. I’ve jumped into the ocean twice now which is apparently a weekend activity to some of the Danish…still a big deal. When it gets even just a little sunny we go outside, everyone goes outside, it’s amazing. But even if it isn’t great weather there are so many cosy cafe’s that welcome you with big arms and hug you with their coffee and blankets and fireplaces and mood lighting. I’m sufficiently integrating with my Danish lessons which have taught me how to have small talk and order things without anyone knowing I’m a foreigner!

Vi ses!!

Silje Andersen-Cooke


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