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New Orleans – Mardi Gras Shenanigans

Based out of the University of Texas at Austin the smells and sounds of New Orleans was only a short 8 hour drive away and with the Mardi Gras Season the attraction was too strong. Taking two cars full of 5 Australians, 1 German, 1 Englishman and an Irish chap we made the eventfully journey and upon arrival knew that the marathon was well worth it. There was dancing in the street, impromptu marching bands roaming two suburbs, street artiest, parades and a bar area that literally lasted for seven blocks! All was not fine sailing however as within the first 4 hours of our arrival I had been robbed of my passport which eventually stopped me from travelling to Cabo for spring break. Tip to the wise in New Orleans keep your passport at home as the bars accept Australian drivers licences (not the same in Vegas) and keep any valuables you have in your front pocket (just a bit of cash and an old phone if you have one). Losing your passport is a massive deal but I still made the most out of our time in New Orleans and after an epic five days we all safely made the journey back to Austin for 2 days of rest and then off to SPRING BREAK (which was epic).

Michael Watson

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