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Appreciating Austin

As typical as this may sound for an exchange student, I really cannot believe that my semester at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) will be over in 7 weeks! Where did all my time go? Let me try recall…

It was only at the 2 month mark, when Spring Break was suddenly around the corner, that I’d realised I needed to use my time over here more efficiently. Up until this point, I had pretty much stayed on campus and only ventured out a handful of times to do some shopping or attend student organisation events. This hadn’t been much of a problem though, as there is so much happening around campus. I’ve been to free musical and talent shows put on by students, attended Longhorn basketball home games, saw Wicked and American Idiot, went to Imagine Dragons concert…Β There’s a bunch of museums around campus and I’m still trying to visit them all, but finding time for it can be hard when 4 hours isn’t enough in the Texas History Museum alone. I have also been volunteering for a Texas Student TV program called Local Live, which invites a local band into the studio for a live performance each week. We’ve had remote shoots a couple of times as well, so it’s really given me a chance to learn more about the music scene here in Austin.

I’ve got to say, I didn’t think Austin was anything interesting for the first few weeks I’d been here but I’ve come to realise how much it has to offer – in the arts, history, live music, longhorn spirit, state pride, cultural diversity, recreational facilities and the great outdoors. I’ve now made a conscious decision to see more of Austin and Texas and the only real challenge is balancing school work with time for traveling. So little time, so much to see! Surprise, surprise that my Spring Break was spent traveling. I will let the photos do the talking.

Signing off,

Bonnie Fong

Master of Media Arts and Production

The University of Texas at Austin

College of Communication, Radio-Television-Film


Global Exchange, US

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