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Spain: Sleeping in + Staying up

As much as I thought I knew what the exchange experience was all about, I really had no idea. After two months of studying abroad, I still seem to wake up most mornings confused. What the hell am I doing in Spain?

Seriously Spain? Its so surreal!

Madrid is definitely an incredible city, beautiful architecture, great food and amazing nightlife. There is no sleeping in this city, (except from 2-5pm siesta time!) people wake up later, go out later, stay up later. It doesn’t take long to get used to the schedule, and it really grows on you.

I think my biggest anxiety when deciding to study abroad was friends. I was kinda worried about how I would meet people, which seems ridiculous now. I’ve been so inspired by the outgoing, strong people I’ve met, who are just living life to the full and taking advantage of every experience they get. It is so easy to meet people, because everyone is in the same boat as you, and what makes it even greater is that the people you meet are from all over the world.

University life is also good. You can take classes in English or Spanish and there’s a heap to choose from. I had a little difficulty getting in because there is a really short amount of time to enrol  (about a week all up) so its a little stressful for a moment there. but once enrolled, classes are great and an awesome way to connect with the Spanish students. The semester starts at the end of january, so studying here means you’ve got two months at the end of the semester to enjoy the European summer!

Beside enjoying Madrid and Uni life, I have also done a heap of travelling. being fairly central, Madrid allows for easy access to a lot of places around Spain, I’ve already travelled to Toledo, Cordoba, Sevilla, Salamanca, Avila and Valencia. And tomorrow I leave for Morocco!

I’m so so glad I took the opportunity to come. For most of last year, exchange just seemed to be endless forms, but when you get here, you realise just how worth it, it all is. This experience is life-changing and I’m so not ready for it to end.

Here’s a few pics so far:


Plaza de España, Sevilla


Palacio de Cristal, Madrid


Las Fallas Festival, Valencia


Food and Sangria, a restaurant somewhere, Madrid


Demi Lucas

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Media Arts and Production)


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