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Idyllic Flagstaff

Flagstaff is quaint town located in Northern Arizona. Northern Arizona University is a picturesque campus, surrounded by the majestic San Francisco Peaks. It is a vibrant and diverse college town. It’s ideally located for weekend trips away. Legendary Las Vegas is only 3 hours away and California is only a 6 hour drive. “Thirsty Thursdays” are the nights to go downtown as you can’t resist the $1 drink deals at the popular Irish bar Collins. On weekends there are usually a few parties off-campus although NAU doesn’t have the biggest party reputation. Some of the parties are like a scene out of American pie; bros playing beer pong, everybody drinking out of red cups and cute girls twerking on the dance floor.




If partying isn’t for you then there are many other options. There are many hiking trails in Flagstaff and Sedona is only a 45 minute drive away. Also within distance is the world famous Grand Canyon. Other worthwhile sites to see are Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and The Petrified Forest, all of which can be done in a weekend trip. There is also the option of going skiing up at the Arizona Snowbowl which is only a 20 minute drive away. So as you can see there are many things in and around Flagstaff to keep you entertained!



When it comes to actually obtaining your education the professors are laid back and the workload isn’t that demanding. The standard of work isn’t that high either. Most teachers will make you take weekly quizzes which contribute to your overall grade and that ensures that you actually do the assigned readings. American’s are really friendly and welcoming and as soon as they hear your accent they bombard you with questions. Most of them will tell you that they’ll never go to Australia because they’re scared of all the snakes and spiders. I’d recommend NAU to anybody looking for an authentic ‘college town’ experience!’ Bring on Spring Break!






Chris Hew



Global Exchange, US

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