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Hej fra Sverige!

I’ve been in Stockholm just over two weeks now and so far I’m absolutely loving it. The beautiful old city is everything I remembered it to be, except sunnier. Us newcomers have been extremely lucky with the weather – it has been 20+ degrees and sunny almost everyday since I arrived, which is a miracle, even for Swedish summer.

I have made a great group of friends and we’ve spent the first few weeks exploring the city, shopping at IKEA (primarily to eat their Swedish meatballs) and using absolutely all our willpower to not buy anything from any of the hundreds of beautiful clothes stores over here.

I recently sat a Swedish language placement test and will begin studying level 2 Swedish next Monday which I’m very excited about. Although the rest of my classes are yet to begin, I can tell that I will enjoy the subjects I have picked and will have a fun six months learning about life in Sweden.

For now, I’m making the most of Sweden’s proximity to neighbouring countries, and have already booked travel to Russia, Finland, Estonia and Lapland for the Northern Lights in the next few months. So much to look forward to!





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