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Shoreditch, where London’s über Cool Congregate

Hi there,
London is by far the most dynamic city I have ever visited. Suburbs that are separate by just a few kilometres may be completely different from each other. One of these distinct areas is ‘Shoreditch’ which is essentially the Indie/Hipster capital of London and one of my favourite areas (although I don’t consider myself indie at all). If you get the chance to go on exchange, I think you would be hard pressed to find a city as amazing as London.
Luke Hymann

Longitude, Latitude & Luke

Current Longitude: -0.119824
Current latitude: 51.511214
Location: London, England

Hi All,

Walking Through London’s eastern suburbs of Shoreditch & Old Street is like entering the hipster capital of London, if not the UK. The whole place just has an ‘über’ cool feel to it. The people, the shops and the streets all come together to form an area that’s just too cool for school. The coolest street (at least the most famous of the cool streets) is Brick Lane. This street attracts the cool crowd in droves with its vintage shops, niche brands, cafes, bars and surprisingly it’s abundance of Indian food.


Aside from the aforementioned attractions, brick lane is also famous for its street art which covers the facade of almost every visible surface. This street art is so much more than your typical graffiti, with most pieces of a quality that would see them comfortably fit into a…

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