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Bath, England

So, I have been going to Bath Spa uni in England (the first exchange student from UTS to do so!). It’s a very beautiful uni, but it is definitely not as big as UTS. Turning up to uni, you know you will bump into someone that you know. Although I’m enjoying the differences, I have noticed that he quality of education and facilities available at UTS is better- so I guess it’s helped me to appreciate that!

As for the city of Bath- the whole city is a world heritage site, so is extremely beautiful and quite unique. The buildings are all beautiful and there are lovely views all around, so the overall ‘feel’ of Bath is something that I haven’t found anywhere else in England. It is also quite close to London- it takes about and hour and 20 minutes on the train to get there. 

It is getting VERY cold now that its going into winter- so if you do come here, be sure to bring lots of warm things!

The time has really flown and I can’t believe I only have a few more weeks here until the term finishes!

Student number: 11408655


Global Exchange, UK

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