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Ain’t no party like an ‘IOS’ party

Hi There,
One of the best European countries to visit for young party goers is Greece, more specifically the Greek Islands. If your looking to spend your time partying-all-night and sleeping-all-day go no further than Ios. This place takes partying to the next level. I would recommend that European exchange students take up the opportunity to visit Greece before or after their exchange semester. You won’t regret it.

Cheers – Luke Hymann

Longitude, Latitude & Luke

Current Longitude: -0.119824
Current latitude: 51.511214
Location: London, England

Hi All,

Where do I begin … I get goose bumps just thinking about Ios. Without a doubt Ios has been the best party destination I have visited (yes, I am aware that I haven’t been to many).

Leaving Mykonos I was under the impression that I had reached my peak in terms of party enjoyment, how wrong was I! Ios proved to merely continue on from where Mykonos left off, and then some. For my taste, Ios was the perfect party destination – numerous small clubs, a few medium size clubs, all within walking distance from one another, open all night, all very reasonably priced and everyone is out for the right reasons (to have fun).

Getting there:

The best way to get to Ios from Mykonos is via a short boat ride. Like Mykonos, it is likely you will…

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