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Oh good ol’ London

It’s hard to believe that I have been on exchange for nearly two months now, or in general, that I am living in London. It’s crazy how fast each week disappears and that the creative hub of the world is right at my doorstep.

London is just…



I am studying illustration and Visual Communication at the University of Westminster yet at the Harrow Campus (25 minutes out of central London). Initially I applied to live on campus, however once arriving and experiencing central London, I just couldn’t do it. SO. Checking out of my Halls of Residency was the greatest decision I have ever made! I’m not going to lie I was technically homeless for my first two weeks here and spent most days frantically running around London in search for an apartment. This decision, yes, was very irrational but in the long run it has made my experience so much more enjoyable and free.

Immersing myself in a completely new area with diverse flatmates, every day is a new adventure!

Here you are never alone- there is always something or someone to stimulate your mind. Whether it involves going to museums, gigs, Shoreditch gallery openings, op shops, Sunday night roasts, Borough Markets cheese tasting, Brick Lane, three hour happy hour, getting lost on the tube, red velvet cake, Colombia Rd flowers, night bus friends, cycling along Little Venice, running from the rain, 4am kebabs, cheap weekend Europe flights, bar hopping… and the list goes on. I one hundred percent recommend studying/working/living here and to not feel obliged to live in student/campus accommodation.

The best thing about my experience so far without a doubt are all the friendships and kooky people I have met. From locals to travellers to fellow exchangers, I swear I have never met so many interesting, fun, inspiring and artistic people.

The education side of this program is still so interesting but drastically different to our learning process and environment at UTS, which I am still trying to grasp. Study here is more so self-directed and orientated than in Sydney, which is great as I hope to make some valuable portfolio pieces but there is A LOT more research involved! I’ve found little things like how the studios are set up as a professional working space to be quite ahead and helpful in preparing yourself for future design company atmospheres.

On the other hand, studying here has made me appreciate and value UTS so much more; its colour, cheerful vibe, central location and it’s high standard of teaching.

This weekend we’re just popping over to Austria! And next…Copenhagen!

All in all I am really going to struggle leaving here!

Julia Gonski, 11225947



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