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London Town


Prior to my departure London was most probably my favourite city in Europe- and I can confirm after 2 months here its position remains in my European hierarchy. I was warned about the weather, the prices, the people and the list goes on, but nothing can steer me away from this amazing city

What I love most about London is how diverse and dynamic the city is. After 2 months of being here there is still so much more to discover, every weekend there is a new area to explore and even better people to meet! If you get sick of one area, or a type of style- lets say the outrageously hipster area of Shoreditch, only a few tube stations down you can be teleported back in time where Goth originated in Camden town. Maybe you fancy a cup of tea and a Matinee show in the West-end, whatever you feel like when you wake up one morning, there’s a tube station waiting for you!

I am living in student housing, in Hoxton- East London. One of the best things about exchange is living independently; you learn so much about yourself and gain those skills for life, the ones that Mum would be proud of! I love waking up and being able to walk to London’s famous Brick Lane, or catching a bus right outside my room that will take me off to London Bridge, Notting Hill.. the list goes on!

The University of Westminster reminds me a lot of UTS, a big university in an even bigger city! The University was really great when it came to organising events for the exchange students. The few events that they organised at the beginning were where I made my main friendship circle that I have now. My favourite part of exchange so far has been meeting amazing people from all over the world! I hope when I get home I will have made friends for life- and a place to stay in every continent of the world J



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