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København, Danmark

Hej, from København!

ImageNy Havn

After spending almost three months calling Copenhagen home, I can safely say that I am yet to assimilate. To the annoyance of the Danish bike riding community, which is about 50 per cent of the population of Copenhagen, I am still that foreigner that time and time again makes awkward decisions whilst bike riding. Further, as I realised this morning while strapping on my fluorescent helmet, I don’t even manage to look trendy whilst parading my lack of coordination around Copenhagen. A friend warned me prior to exchange about how casually fashionable Danes look whilst biking. It is an image that you cannot truly visualise, nor appreciate, until you are in the streets of Copenhagen shoving a delicious cinnamon snail in your mouth whilst a hundred blonde hipsters in sporty luxe attire zip past you. It is marvel in itself – and I am not only referring to the snail.

Speaking of Danish pastries, I have made it my personal task to test and try ‘snegls’ (baked snails) of all forms while on exchange. I believe this form of culinary tourism is known as ‘the snegl cleanse’. Basically, it’s a diet. You can only eat danish pastries, nothing else. Fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes, dairy – forget about it. Snegl’s only.

ImageThe best snegl yet

Biking insecurities and baked goods aside, I am completely in love with Denmark and the Danish culture. I am yet to inform my family, nor Danish immigration, but I never plan on leaving. Denmark is the happiest country in the world. It’s a fact. The Danes are the ultimate positivists. To prove it, all you need to do is look at the concept of ‘hygge’. Thanks to hygge, I am looking forward to the winter months where the sun only shines for a few hours a day day and the temperature is sub-zero. Hygge, pretty much means being cosy with family or friends whilst sipping on mulled wine, wrapping yourself up in blankets or abnormally sized scarves and eating danish delicacies (aka snegl’s). Amazing.

Jessica Caligiore (10562825)

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