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University of Westminster, London


Contrary to what most people expect, the University of Westminster campus isn’t even close to the Westminster Tube Station, so sadly I don’t get to see this every day. I do however get to alight from my journey on the tube at Baker St for the Business School Campus. Basically, I’ve decided that Westminster could be seen as the equivalent to UTS. There are a few buildings set out around the city separating the faculties, and the Regent St campus is almost next to the (now old) BBC headquarters. Then there’s Harrow, which I personally don’t know much about, other than the fact that I believe it’s around 40 minutes away and has all the sporting teams training there (similar to Ku-Ring-Gai, no?).

The whole studying abroad thing has been pretty interesting so far. After spending six weeks travelling across America and some of Canada, it was an unbelievable feeling being able to unpack my suitcase and sleep in the same bed for more than two nights. I guess coming having been a tourist for all that time made me somewhat lazy in getting around to the touristy sights here, but I’m slowly succeeding! One of the great things about London is that whilst it seems quite spread out, you’ll walk around the city, and basically run into places you’ve heard of, or been told to visit. Leicester Square is five minutes from Piccadilly Circus, then you can just walk another 5-10 minutes up Regent St and stumble upon Oxford St, which, depending on the direction you choose, can take you to Hyde Park one way, or Tottenham Court Road the other. So whether I’ve been jumping on and off the tube, or walking around, I feel that I’ve covered quite a bit of ground.


The Tower Bridge


St Pancras International (fyi that’s where Harry and Ron fly the car from in the second movie)


Buckingham Palace


Trafalgar Square


Big Ben

After having spent a couple of weeks going to classes and exploring London, I managed to get away for a couple of days to Brixham, a small crabbing village in the south west of England. I highly recommend doing something like this. It’s not a major town, but the difference compared to London was refreshing (that and the sea air was a nice change). 


Dartmouth, Devon. 

We’ll see where I go next. 


Phoebe Willis-Craig


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