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Oktoberfest, Munich: A festival not to be missed…ever…

Hi All,
Here is a blog about my incredible experience on the opening day of Oktoberfest 2013. This is just one of the many travel opportunities that are open to you when on exchange in Europe. There is so much going on and luckily for you its all just a few hours flight away.

Luke Hymann, University of Westminster Exchange Student.

Longitude, Latitude & Luke

Current Longitude: -0.119824
Current latitude: 51.511214
Location: London, England

Hi All,

I’d like to begin by saying that attending Oktoberfest was certainly not in my travel plans…I was running out of money, I was concerned with the cost of living in London and my university studies were about to begin – All great reasons not to attend. That said, when my cousin mentioned that he would be in Munich on the opening Saturday of Oktoberfest I fell over myself trying to take him up on the offer to attend.

I arrived in Munich late in the afternoon on Friday where I hopped in a cab that took me to my accommodation. Aware that tomorrow was going to be a big day my cousin and I opted for dinner and a few quiet drinks before ‘calling it a night’ relatively early.

The next morning arrived in no time, and we were…

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