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Sunny San Diego – SDSU

I have been in San Diego now for just under 2 months and my experience thus far has been unreal. I have not seen rain, let alone a cloud the entire time I have been here. The campus, city and beaches have all exceeded expectations. Highlights thus far include:

  • Attending a college football game (over 40,000 people attended…Go Aztecs>See photo)
  • Going to a frat Party (The Stereotypes are very true…Think American Pie and then think a little harder)
  • Eating (Americans love their food and so do I. Be careful of the massive servings)
  • Meeting lots of new people and stepping outside my comfort zone


The university work itself is much more like high school with lots of little assignments that keep you occupied every week and attendance is mandatory in most cases. I am living in an apartment off campus but it takes only a couple minutes to get to class on the trolley which is very handy. I have my own room but share the apartment with 4 other males (one other aussie and three americans) so there is never a quiet or dull moment.

Exchange so far has been awesome and i have already meet so many people and done things i never though i would do. Hopefully the experience continues to be so rewarding.

Matthew Hayter



Global Exchange, US

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