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Sac City- West Coast Capital

Arriving in sunny Sacramento a month ago I held a far less glowing outlook of what my experience will be like than what has been the reality so far. That isn’t to say I wasn’t excited. I just never expected to settle in so fast and feel right at home in my very green surroundings.


The California State University (Sac State) campus is a wide-open expanse—full of foliage and tall trees. Quite a welcome change of scenery. It has a diverse student body, as down to earth as they come—and that is what has made my experience so far, and made me appreciate my opportunity that much more. From my initial impression (Sacramento being like that person who wants to look busy, but doesn’t have much going on) I have since come to value a place on the people. But don’t get me wrong; Sacramento is quite lively, if you know where you’re going. And have met the right people, of course. As I said, it’s all about the people. And the parties. And the food. And the beer. The People.


I had heard the chestnut conventions bandied around about Americans as being folk easily impressed with the inflection of our speech, and I was rather dismissive in my acknowledgment. But it holds more than just a modicum of truth—it is a fully-fledged truism—and will garner friends for you without the need for you to be interesting (which you will be cause you sound different).

In saying that, my choice to live on campus was by far my best bet and has enabled me the feel of a more rounded American college experience, which is why I don’t get regret my decision to be in a room with 4 other guys—which I was skeptical about initially.

The first two weeks was an Orientation period that was valuable in that it gave me an opportunity to get acquainted with the area and the city and the nightlife. Also it was a time where I made connections with fellow exchange students from around the globe, who I have become quite close to over the course of this last month.


While you could drain all utility from the city of Sacramento in a relatively short span of time—I haven’t yet, but you could—this just enables you the chance to explore the regions that surround Sacramento—which is the drawing card of being in a prime locale such as this. I have been to San Francisco twice and Lake Tahoe and have plans for Yosemite, San Jose, Reno, Napa, Sonoma, Las Vegas and San Diego. I may not fit it all in, but that is the great thing about being in a place like this; there is no shortage of attractive options.


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