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Exchange in Milan

Hi All,

Just wanting to give you an insight into the start of my semester long exchange program at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Prior to arriving in Milan, I travelled around Europe for 5 weeks. My trip was varied, and each of the places I visited was unique. I was able to attend the Ashes cricket match in Manchester, and also the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and visit Gallipoli as part of my travels.

Settling into Milan has been relatively straight forward. Staying in university dorms is really enjoyable, and is a new experience for me. I have never been away from home for more than a month, and learning to cook, clean, etc is definitely challenging.

Although the language barrier has been difficult at times to overcome. I elected not to do the Italian crash course, and have no regrets about this decision. 

The university system here is a lot different to UTS back home, and takes adjusting to. It is really difficult to stay on top of university work whilst travelling around. As I’m sure you all have experienced, its just a balancing act. 

The university erasmus has organised several trips, however, a number of us have elected to rather organise our own travels, as it suits us better. 

Whilst my aim is to fulfil university requirements and obtain the necessary credit points, I intend to travel as much as possible, and visit as many places and meet as many people as possible during this European adventure. I have several trips booked in over the next weeks and look forward to all the experiences and opportunities along the way. 

I hope you all enjoy your exchange programs!

Good Luck,

Devan Vituli


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