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Lost in London : University of Westminster

Hi All,

I have just completed two months exploring Europe, covering 14 cities and seven countries. What an absolutely wonderful experience, living each day to the fullest and meeting the most amazing people. I feel like I have a whole new family spread across all corners of the globe.

The real reason for my trip however is to begin a semester abroad at the University of Westminster, London. The first few days of my London experience have been spent trying to locate a place to call home. After multiple housing inspections and exploring odd suburbs I have fallen in love with Camden Town. I have decided to rent a room in a four-bedroom apartment in the suburb. It is a small room but is very close to the tube and the heart of Camden. The best way to describe Camden would be to compare it to the suburb of Newtown in Sydney’s inner west. The culture of Camden is very alternative with people from all walks of life coming together into an urban melting pot. Camden is highlighted by the weird and the wonderful, causing you to challenge your understanding of what is or isn’t ‘normal’. Most notably, Camden is famous for the Camden Markets which host countless stalls selling clothes, food, second hand items and crafts – truly worth a visit.

Just recently we had the universities orientation day for all exchanges students, marking the beginning of our University experience. I must say I was very impressed by the organisation and professionalism of the introduction. The staff were very clear and provided us with ample resources to assist us to fit into a life at the University and also a life in London. The university also hosted a social event for business students and a cruise on the river Thames – both of which were free (aside from drinks during the cruise). These events have made for a perfect introduction to both local and international students. I feel like I have already made some strong friendships and I am excited to see these relationships evolve over the course of the year.

From tomorrow the real work starts, time to get serious and begin the task that I came here to do, study. While relatively early on in my journey I can already confidently say this has been the best experience of my life, don’t let the opportunity to go exchange pass you by.

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