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The People’s Republic of Austin

Texas’ reputation precedes itself. Known for it’s sense of independence, it’s size (everything’s bigger in Texas), it’s proud population. But don’t trust me, a picture speaks a thousand words:


How does my college experience stack up against the stereotype?

Austin is frequently referred to as the ironic capital of Texas. It’s a democratic stronghold in a red state. It’s a tech hub in oil economy. People ride bikes to work in the 100 degree heat. You’re as likely to find grits and wings as vegan food trucks. It’s the birthplace of Whole Foods, South by South-West and Robert Rodriguez.

But it’s also uniquely Texan. Lone star flags outnumber stars and stripes. It’s the state capital, home to Rick Perry and Wendy Davis both. The roads are wide and you don’t have to be a tradie to drive a pick up.

I chose to go to Austin for it’s progressive scene and it’s reputation as a creative hub.

What I learnt is that Texas is simply too big, too broad and too diverse to be written off one way or the other. This scene from the film ‘Bernie’ (directed by Austin local Richard Linklater) does it some justice.

It’s an amazing city and the University of Texas is an amazing school. There’s so much going on, no matter what you might be interested in.

Keep it Weird. Joel Perlgut, 11210770.


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