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Hi I am Copenkeegan. I am studying for a semester at the University of Copenhagen. Currently, I am sitting in Christiania watching an assortment of interesting characters pass by on another lovely Copendaygen. I like this place.

It has been a whirlwind since I have arrived. Parties every night organised by various student committees, associations and then by exchange students themselves. That is one thing I can guarantee, if you come to Copenhagen University, your orientation week will blur into three.

Aside from that however the city itself is quite wonderful with an amazing blend of history and modernity. It really is a city you can spend days exploring. Unfortunately, due to all the orientation β€˜obligations’ I am yet to even discover a half of the city. Thankfully I have another few months here ☺

The best thing about Copenhagen, hands down, is cycling! I thought Amsterdam had a lot of bikes. My god, I swear there are more bikes here than people. On arrival I felt like such a pathetic human being taking the metro for my first two days. Thankfully, I soon obtained a bike, her name is Anne and she is beautiful. Cycling is a huge part of the culture in Copenhagen, and its something I am in love with. I can wake up with 10 minutes before my class starts and not have to worry about traffic, or the train timetable, I just jump on my awesome bike and take that badboy to uni. After a late night out, in the early hours of the morning, there are no issues like in Sydney with hailing a taxi at 3:00 am. Nope. Just jump on my bike and head home. I really don’t want my exchange to end, because that means I will have to say goodbye to my bike πŸ˜₯

Keegan Behrens


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