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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

I have been at UNCC for a month now and am having an amazing time! The university has over 26,000 students and a large, modern campus with great facilities. Things on campus that are free for students to use include the gym, swimming pool, rock climbing wall, walking tracks through the gardens and forest, sports fields, movie theatre and the many common rooms with televisions, couches, ping pong tables and pool tables. I’m living on campus which is a lot of fun and convenient for getting to class. It’s also located conveniently close to the largest shopping center in North Carolina as well as a lot of restaurants and supermarkets!

This fall is an exciting time for UNC Charlotte because it kicked off its first ever football season with the newly formed ‘Charlotte 49ers’ football team. Coincidently that meant that my first American football game was also my University’s first football game too! Game day started at 9am with a ‘tailgaiting’ party and then kick off at midday. The 15,300 seat stadium was completely sold out and the atmosphere was amazing – everybody was wearing the school colors and cheering like crazy (I don’t think UTS could ever come close to that amount of school spirit). We ended up winning 52 – 7 which was a great achievement for the team’s inaugural game!

1235934_10151659515640958_1059862426_n Screenshot (8)

See you in 5 months Sydney!

– Melinda Jamieson


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