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Hong Kong Adventures

cImage It’s been two weeks since I set foot in Hong Kong and it’s been a really interesting time:)Hong kong gives you a mixture of the Western and Eastern cultures, especially if you’re staying at City University Hong Kong, which boasts clean air (compared to other areas of Asia), big buildings and people but not so many that you feel overwhelmed:)Image

If brand name stores tickle your fancy, you’ll find a large array of luxury brand stores along Hong Kong Central.
I’ve been trying different types of foods! Hong Kong food is great and in most places it’s much cheaper (but also smaller) than Sydney portions. These bowls ( see below) cost about $3AUD each.
There are many McDonalds around the corner, with exciting twists to their foods! This is one of my 
breakkie favourites – pasta with chicken – $3AUD
If you’re a car lover – you’ll love the luxury cars along the streets of Hong Kong. You’ll spot more ferraris,
porsches, BMWs in Hong Kong then you will in Australia.ImageImage
I’m also trying really hard to limit my spending in Hong Kong. 
I’ve bought 4 pairs of glasses over the past week! and just about to discover where the locals shop.:)

ith the MTR by my side – everything is possible in Hong Kong:)Image

By: Tu Phuong Tania Huynh

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