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Hej from sunny Stockholm!


Today marks my second week in Stockholm, Sweden. I have loved every bit of it so far. I am studying at Stockholms Universitet and living a ten minute walk from campus in the student accommodation, Lappis.

Lappis is like its own little town with grassy BBQ areas, shops, restaurants and even its own beach. My new friends and I are trying to use the most of the beach while the weather is still warm (that is, before the lake freezes over). While none of us has braved the water, we have had a bon fire and attended a massive party hosted on the beach.


As much as I like Lappis, it is always great to get out and explore Stockholm city. The city is stunning this time of year. There is always live music somewhere and the people are so fashionable. That being said, the amazing fashion is way out of my price range but I am appreciating the thousands of H&Ms around Central.

Last Friday a group of my friends, including fellow UTS students Pia and Anna, went out on the ferry to explore Stockholmโ€™s archipelagos. We stopped at Waxholm island for a picnic in the sun. Hopefully we get a few more weeks of sun but it will be very exciting when it does start to snow!

UTS chix: Me, Anna and Pia
UTS chix: Me, Anna and Pia









So far I have only had two classes- Swedish language and Sweden Society and Everyday Life. I am enjoying both so far as they are providing to be extremely relevant to living in Stockholm.

Thatโ€™s all I can report on at the moment. See you all in 5 months!

Cassie Coyle



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