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København, Denmark!

I arrived in Copenhagen just over a month ago and have had the privilege of meeting a number of interesting people, admiring beautiful sights and doing exciting things. In this time I have began to appreciate this city, it’s people and its various museums, bridges, lakes, old sandstone buildings and cobble stone streets.

Copenhagen is a city that comes alive in the summer; with harbour-side pools, food festivals, art festivals, music festivals and parties in all parts of the city (including a party on the metro). I was fortunate enough to do a lot of interesting things over the month; including an introductory course in Danish language (although I still struggle with the sound of most danish words), travel to Helsingør (home of the Kronborg Castle, also know as the “Hamlet Castle”), Malmö and a one week trip to Lisbon, Portugal.

With classes starting this week, I look forward to learning about European Law and the European teaching methodology. I also hope to travel through Europe, particularly through Scandinavia, over the coming weeks.

In the coming weeks, I hope to make more posts on this blog, particularly about my travels and specific experiences in Denmark.

Vi ses

Shantanu Govil


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