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How to dress like a Dane

Hey guys! I am spending the final semester of my undergraduate degree at Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus, “ the world’s smallest big city “ is the second largest city in Denmark, but has the feel of a small town. I have been two weeks now, and quickly realised that the people here just exude cool. If you want to look like a Dane (and why wouldn’t you, they are all gorgeous) then take note: 

1. Black skinny jeans are a must. Actually, all clothing should be black. Grey is ok, but black is better.

Image2. Sneakers are worn at all times. You have the option of Converse, Nike Frees or New Balance sneakers, regardless of whether you are going to class or out on a Friday night. 


3. This one has me a little confused but… bum bags are cool here. Weird, I know! 



There you have it, in 3 easy steps you too can look like a real Dane! 

I am excited to continue exploring this awesome city and to share it with you through this blog.


 På gensyn!


 Samantha Moreira (10854432) 


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