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Carla is in Copenhagen!

Tietgen My home, Tietgen Kollegiet in Amager, Copenhagen. This place is an architectural wonderland of amazingness. At night the lights reflect off all the surrounding canals and due to the great acoustics there have been a couple of incredible electronic music and light festivals inside. Whilst It is a treat to be able to roll out of bed straight into class 5 metres away, exploring the surrounding area via my gangsta set of wheels has been awesome – despite a few near death experiences due to my lack of cycling skills. I completed an intensive 3 week Danish course and managed to scrape a pass even though my oral exam consisted mainly of sign language and awkward mumbling. My first month in Copenhagen has been jam packed with art, music, adventure and copious amounts of smørrebrød and I cannot wait for the next five! Also everyone is extremely good looking and Scandinavian design is amazing.  – From Carla Zimbler.

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