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Howdy from Austin, Texas!!!!

Hi Y’all!

Ever since I have come to Austin I have been astonished by the beauty of the city, its never ending activity, and its disposition to welcome people from all places and cultures. I was happy to find out that people from America are actually very open and friendly. There is always a smile on their faces and they are always willing to assist you if you need any help.


There is something that I find really interesting about Americans: they love Australian accents! They find it really exotic so they keep me saying all kinds of different phrases just so they can listen to the way I say some things. Also, Americans are convinced that 90% of Australia’s wildlife is absolutely deadly. In their minds, there are enormous, very poisonous spiders crawling around the streets. I have had lots of fun explaining to them that no one has died from a bite in decades.

I have not had the opportunity to experience a lot of the university lifestyle in the United States but what I have lived so far, has been amazing. In the particular case of the University of Texas at Austin, life in campus is very important. Being a “Longhorn” is something to be very proud of. I am sure that when this semester is finished, I will have a little burnt orange in my soul.

They say what starts in Austin, changes the world, I’m not sure if I’ll change the world but I know Austin will change me.


Sarah Markowskei



Global Exchange, US

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