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Keeping it Weird

Austin has been very good to me so far, not least in it’s tex mex and satisfying doses of southern hospitality. One of the reasons I choose Austin was because of it’s unofficial tagline, “keep Austin weird”. I didn’t know how central this would actually be to the city’s sense of itself.


The weirdness isn’t confined to eccentricity though, as an exchange student it certainly bleeds my perception of American ‘college life’. What I had previously imagined could only be stereotypical representations of college kids – the frat parties, sorority girl competition, and the insanely intense obsession with the college football team – are closer to the truth than I feel entirely comfortable with.


But that’s one of the reasons I love it so. Austin is at once so perfectly all-American and Dallas’ weird rogue cousin. The weather is hot, but the cacti and micro bats and beautiful people are plentiful.


Madeleine Purdy still misses y’all in Sydney



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