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Greetings from Austin

After a long journey here (a 15 hour flight to Dallas, followed by a 5 hour delay thanks to lightening storms delaying my connecting flight) I landed in Austin at 10pm very tired and very hungry. I arrived at my apartment to find that my Texan roommate, though not yet moved in, had stopped by during the day to leave me a welcome note and dinner. This is just the beginning of the wonderful Texan hospitality I’ve experienced in the week that I’ve lived here. The people here are wonderful, and the college has gone above and beyond to make sure all of us exchange students have felt welcomed. 


(The UT Tower)


Austin is an amazing city and very different to what most people’s perception of Texas are. The motto of the city is “Keep Austin Weird.” There’s amazing nightlife, and a great art and live music scene. The food is great, and there’s so much to see and explore.



(Just one of the very green UT walkways and the Gregory Gym)


So far I’ve had an amazing time and I can’t wait to experience more!

– Meagan


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