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New York – Pace University.


The big apple, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, bright lights big city, Sex & the City, F.R.I.E.N.D.S….

Yeah, okay, thanks. We got all those clichés out of our system? Great.

Hey wassup, I’m Mathias. I’m a 21 year old half German, half Australian allround badass individual….
Not really, I’m just heaps sarcastic.

I’m studying Communications: Media Arts & Productions at UTS now I’m heading over to the US, to crack it in the film industry. Well, that’s the plan.

On a serious note, I am heaps excited to go over. Exactly what I am excited about? Probably the potential. The potential to show what I have to offer to the U.S folk and the potential of all the possibilities the U.S folk can offer me.

Right now I’m three days away from arriving in New York. I’m staying in Brooklyn Heights and tackling 3 film subjects and Spanish while I’m at Pace.

This is just my introductory, hay wassup kinda post. I’m sure they will be more essay like when the journey begins.

So I hope you join me bromigos, following my heaps exciting journey. I promise I will be less sarcastic. Sorry.

Oh, also, if you want to find me some more
instagram: mathiasbrah
twitter: mathiasbrah

facebook….. well I leave that up to your stalking skills.

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