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Copenhagen and Berlin Adventures

Hi all,

My names Harry. I’ve been living in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen these past three months. It has been different. Snow, robot trains, living out of home and learning to navigate the Danish mannerisms and etiquette.

I recently travelled to Berlin with a group of friends and my roommates. For those of you who haven’t been there – GO! It is one of the most exciting cities I have ever visited and there really is something for everyone there. For the history buffs, the city is of course unmissable. Walking from East to West Germany, being able to walk between the Jewish Memorial to the Reichstag and seeing the development of Kreuzberg – the newly developing Turkish quarter – is a real eye-opener.

Berlin has an energy that is indescribable. Built from a people that have learnt to come back to from setback after setback; the underground art scene, club scene, dedication to museums and community involvement is beyond anything I’ve seen before. For those of you who haven’t gone, make sure you take the Alternative walking tour – a really great way to see and know a little bit of the city. The Street art tour is also really worth your time. The art adds another element to the city. There are points around the city where the community has funded money to well known international street artists to create huge works specific to the site in question. Look out for the giant astronaut at night and you’ll know what I mean.

Other than that, Berlin nightlife is the craziest I have ever experienced. For three crazy nights, try Berghain (though note – the notoriously capricious door policy), Suicide Circus or Sisyphus. Beautiful German techno and a crazy crazy atmosphere. You really will have your eyes opened.

Anyway, the next adventure is off to Barcelona tomorrow. I’m looking forward to sunshine for the first time in months. Whoever tells you SAD (seasonal affective disorder) isn’t a thing is lying and you should slap them in the face.

Will sign in when I’m back.

Till then, tak as the Danes would say!

Take care and I hope and pray all of you guys are having a fantastic time!

Harry Power (11023090)

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