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California here we come. . .

The question I have heard the most since arriving in America, “Why’d you choose Sacramento?” ?

Well, as we have all heard on many a dance floor, California knows how to party*. I wanted to go to California for the beaches, sun and all that is stereotypical Cali! I ended up in Sacramento. The closest thing we have to a beach is a river. It’s not quite the OC, but my time so far at Sacramento has still been amazing!


To be honest, applying and picking a school was not something I spent enough time on. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

There is always so much going on, new people to meet, hella (new American slang) names to remember and a new fast food place to try. Whatever you do, don’t order the McGangbang. Yes it actually exists.


I live in apartment style living on campus. Coming from my living at home with my parents an hour and a half away from UTS, to living on campus is a whole crazy new life! It’s safe to say I have never been bored (well except for maybe a little during class) and even though I live a four minute walk from my classes, I have never been busier.

Since arriving at Sac State I have really gotten involved with campus life. I have participated in extracurricular events for class, and for the first time in my uni degree I can say I love my subjects!

I have joined the Snow Club, where I have met some of the chillest people around. Let’s just say a cabin up at Tahoe with over 40 people, a hot tub and jungle juice gets loose!

I have also joined a sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. As cheesy as it sounds, I already love all my sisters.Going Greek is something I definitely recommend. I have met some amazing people, and been sooooo spoilt with glitter, cupcakes and diamonds! ΑΧΩ is for sure one of the best things I’ve done over here, and it’s going to make it so much harder to leave!


On the weekends we have had so many adventures, travelling to so many places, including Yosemite, Tahoe and San Francisco, with plenty more still to come! After semester finishes we have a 30 day roadtrip planned, from Yellowstone, down to San Diego, hitting all the beaches along Highway One.


It is so hard to pick a favourite memory, but from all my time here, Spring break has been one of my highlights. After spending a few days in the OC, checking out Seaworld and eating a burrito with fries inside it (hey cholesterol) we went on to rage at Lake Havasu. But of course, my fellow Aussie idiot abroad travel buddy and I missed the bus. We got driven by a friend to a town in the middle of the desert, but we still needed to make it to Havasu. No way was I missing out on yelling “SPRING BREAK” like I have seen in so many movies!

So we did what came naturally. And went to a drive through icecream place. After a n oreo fix we then got to making a sign, I whipped out my Aussie flag and we waved them liked crazy on the side of the freeway. A few people stopped, some gave us beers, but after an hour we were still stuck. Just as things were looking grim, two Americans from Santa Barbara picked us up. We went on to share a hotel room with them for the week and made awesome friends. Words cannot describe how amazing Havasu was!


I am so excited because there is still so much to do over here! This week alone I have a Greek Week tournament, my sorority Big Sister reveal, mini golf (Happy Gilmore here we come) and a snow trip up to Tahoe. As much as I love where I’m from, it just makes me think: Australia. . . ain’t nobody got time for that!

Adios amigos, I’m off to find a date for my sorority formal ahhhhh!

*Yes I can confirm, California does know how to party.

And yes, it is just like the movies!

Samantha Cook, Sacramento State University

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