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San Francisco, California

Soooo instead of describing what it is like when you first get to America – as an #exchange student – I have made a video of our first true ‘American Party’ experience.  Red cups and beer pong is not just in the movies people.

Check it out here:

My name is Jordan and I’ve been on exchange in San Francisco since the middle of January. It is an amazing city, and the people we have met here and the places we have travelled to all over California in the past three months is incredible.

The highlight of my time here so far has probably been Spring Break which was just a week ago, when myself and about 10 others did a road trip, visiting Santa Barbara, LA, Lake Havasu and $$$$La$ Vega$$$$.  It was especially great as for much of the time we stayed with friends that lived in the cities, so we got to have the ‘local’ experience in each of the places we visited (i.e. we knew what were the good clubs to go to).  Here are some of the photos from the trip – enjoy!

Image  ImageImageImageImageImage

Jordan Kirk – Autumn 2013 – San Francisco State University

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