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Canada, Winter?

Hi my names Brendan and I’ve been in Canada since the start of the year and am just 1 day away from finishing my semester at the University of Waterloo. I started my time in Canada in Vancouver for a quick holiday before uni started. I was expecting to see snow as soon as I got off the plane, I was a bit disappointed to find barely any. I soon realised that Vancouver itself gets very little snow however within 20 minutes you can be on the slopes overlooking the city which is great at night time. And you can’t go to Vancouver in winter without visiting Whistler (only 2 hours or so away), it is such a beautiful area with large mountains covered in snow, even spotted a few bald eagles flying around.


After being in Vancouver for 9 days it was time to head across the country to start uni. The University of Waterloo is located about 2 hour’s south-west of Toronto and is where Blackberry was originally created. Everywhere I looked there was snow, unlike Vancouver, which is exactly what I’d been waiting for, except this time there were no mountains. It was a good thing I got my snowboarding out of the way in Vancouver. And the weather has been crazy during my time here. One day the ground is covered in snow and the next its green grass. It’s now well into spring and snow still comes down quite hard occasionally.

April 3rd (middle of spring)

University is much the same as it is back home, there’s also aussies everywhere, though I think that’s Canada in general.

Niagara Falls

(The only mountain you can ski in Toronto Area)

Brendan Howe

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