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“When I was in Milan…”

Demi, Me and Ellis with our Balcony Fridge

“What is the reason for your visit?”

I remember thinking about that question on the plane over to Milan. I also remember thinking “study” surely couldn’t have been the right answer.

After spending 2 months here I’ve decided that the reason for my visit is actually to collect stories. Italy is definitely the right place to do it. Living in an apartment with two other Aussies hasn’t hurt either. The three of us have banded together to take on the city of Milan and get into as many awkward/ exciting/ funny/ dangerous situations as possible.

For anyone coming on exchange to Italy, I’d like to offer some tips, that we have learnt from our experiences so far.

So far we have found that:

– In winter, a shopping trolley on the balcony (pretty much) works as a fridge

– Wearing a mask and being creepy is only acceptable in Venice during Carnivale.


– Italians in Modena will let you drive their Ferrari

– Being able to speak some Italian is important when dealing with godfather-looking, mafia-affiliating club owners

– Djs will still give a ‘shout out’ to “the Australians”, even if you knock over their speakers

– First time skiers should not “teach them self” on black runs in Bardonecchia

– “I’m Australian” is the best:    -excuse   -pick up line   -response to quick-speaking Italians

– Riding a bike is easier on the way to the pub, than it is on the way back

And many other pearls of wisdom imparted on us by this wonderful country. My story collection grows greater with every day. However, they all start with “when I was in Milan…” which I’m sure will be repeated so often that it will drive my friends insane.

Bardonecchia Ski Trip

Harry Marsden        University of Bocconi, Milan 2013

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