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Ich bin ein Berliner


Picked up from the station by my University ‘buddy’ and straight to a protest in East Berlin by the wall. A temperate 12 degrees and sunny, beers were flowing and spirits high for my first Sunday in Berlin. I cannot describe to you how amazing this city is. It has a certain vibe, a carefree atmosphere that lures you in. The people are friendly and the streets are alive with constant activity. Unfortunately, the tease of a punctual spring soon dove to temperatures of -10. The cold, however, does not seem to stop the Berliners. It only spurs them on to party harder, and longer, and sleep through the cool days.


It’s been six weeks now and I’m already extending my lease. Uni has not even started for us yet, however I can’t picture myself leaving this city any time soon. The culture is colourful, the street art inspiring, and the language a welcomed challenge. Now if only Spring could get it’s act together and start defrosting, what I’m constantly told by Berliners is, the place to be in Europe.


Rose Peppitt

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