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Be sure to wear flowers in your hair!

I have now been enjoying life in San Francisco for four months. I am an Interior Design student but taking electives in Graphic and Web Design. My classes are a little bit hit and miss. Some of them are fantastic, and some of them are a waste of time. But all in all. I would say that the standard of study at SFSU is quite high. I have met some amazing people. I live in the city with two fashion students that attend a different university to me but we have become fast friends.


April (my gal roomy) and I, both enjoy the occasion “sandwich” so have been able to bond  have have laughs when we return from school each night, whilst sharing a sub. I have also  met my boyfriend here, who has defiantly made my experience in San Francisco so great.  He has showed me some amazing areas of the city and introduced me to some fantastic people.

The mission is defiantly one of my favorite places to hang out in the city. Mission Street and Valencia Street are lined with great bars and delicious Mexican Restaurant. Australia’s Mexican is just not the same. Here you have next level taco’s and burritos. I can’t begin to explain how great they are.


Hayes Valley is the best spot to grab a coffee in the city in my opinion. Fortunately I only live a few block from there and can walk with ease. I had presumed when I came to the U.S that I would have to be satisfied with peculated Starbucks coffee. But its the case at all. Even though the standards are defiantly not up to the Sydney’s they are defiantly on their way. Blue Bottle and Four Barrel are the two best spots that I know of and i constantly frequent there locations.


All in all, coming and studying at San Francisco State University would defiantly have to be one of the best experiences of my life. I would recommend this exchange to anyone. The night life is awesome the food culture is defiantly almost up Sydney standard – which is really impressive. And the people are are just so nice! Everyone is willing to chat and be friendly which is really cool and really refreshing.

Signing off,

Eliza Bolger


Global Exchange, US

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