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What is UTS BUILD?

UTS BUILD stands for Beyond UTS International Leadership Development. The Program brings students beyond the academic curriculum of their course – giving them access to a world of opportunities.

UTS wants you to Think Global. Living in a globally connected world requires a global mindset and an awareness of your identity as a global citizen. The UTS BUILD Program is designed to harness the leadership potential of UTS students and develop essential skills and competencies as a global leader equipped to create a better world.

Students collect 100 BUILD points to complete the program. Points are gained through workshop and seminar participation, volunteering, and optional global immersions. Participation in the BUILD program is recognised on students’ Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) when they graduate from UTS.


UTS BUILD hosts a variety of events on campus that build the global leadership capabilities of students and provide them with opportunities to network and connect via inspirational keynote speaker events, skills workshops and off-site fieldtrip experiences. 

Not only can you claim points through on campus activities, BUILD endorses many external opportunities such as film-screenings, conferences and book launches that align with BUILD’s vision and values. These are a great way for students to immerse themselves in the community whilst gaining valuable experience and knowledge surrounding topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship and social justice.

Venturing Offshore

UTS BUILD recognises the immense benefit of education outside of the classroom. We encourage students to take their global leadership journey from the shores of Australia to an overseas immersion experience on either a Global Short Program or a semester to year long Global Exchange experience.

Short-term experiences may include:

  • Academic study programs at host universities
  • International Internships
  • Experiential learning programs

These experiences are an optional way to earn additional elective points towards your BUILD Program journey, with some programs even attracting academic credit towards your course.  Scholarships and loans are also available to eligible students to supplement costs of travels overseas, ensuring nobody faces unfair barriers.

Zhicheng Public Interest Law Interns
Zhicheng Public Interest Law Interns

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